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We, Sapta Hardi Manunggal, CV, is a private company based on Mini Sugar Plant development for a regional operations in Indonesia. Our campaign in this region has been start up on 2004 until present time by promoting our business concept to sugarcane farmers, local government, and private investor. During this promotion periods, we have collect and manage hundreds of indent buyers which is ready to order and implementing our concept, once our first keystone setting up succesfully. The Indonesian government also has performing their support by provide us with a good regulation to protect and legitimate our existence.

The current available capacity of Mini Sugar Plant products range are 100 TCD, 200 TCD, 500 TCD and 1.000 TCD (Ton Cane per Day). This small scale sugarplant products are ideal for strategic investment in sugar business. With low investment and high payback rate, its now become an Investment trend in Indonesia especially and growing worldwide. You can now order our mini sugar plant proposal to know further details about investment aspect and its technical, management, and financial analysis. With our proposal, its guaranteed that you will drive your investment to the right direction.

Our teams personal are dedicated professional and experienced people in their own specialities to support mini sugar plant ( Pabrik Gula Mini ) setup and operations. We will maintain and serve our customer from the pre-design phase to commisioning and give a training to the machine operators and administrator for a periods of time to guarantee the project runs successfully. After all we will maintain its management and giving our assistance to assure the profit of the owner of their mini sugar plants ( Pabrik Gula Mini ).

In Indonesia, Mini Sugar Plant ( Pabrik Gula Mini ) development has been started since 2001, and now the government have create the regulation protection under its terms where the conditions are applied. It makes our duty to promote become easier, but still rare of real investor are collected. We have the best business concept for this mini sugar plant ( Pabrik Gula Mini ) to be implemented for the solution of indonesian sugar industry to enhance national sugar production. Thought sugar commodity are become essential as primary consumption need and also an alternate solution for renewable energy resources in the future. You may witness this important to develop sugar production based on the analytical data on international sugar organizations.

If you are a solid company or investor which is plan to set up your business in sugar industry, here We are ready and proud to stand as your business consultant in Sugar Machineries with the most out of our dedicated and experienced personel in our team. You may use any documentary and resources provided in this website and we are ready to serve you for further presentation. To preview our working performance, please visit our image gallery.

Need to know how to setup a mini sugar plant business? wondering to know how your investment prospect will be? want to learn more about mini sugar plant technical aspect and its financial flow? or just interested to build your own mini sugar plant in your designated areas? Contact Us now with your detail and let us know how could we help you.

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Hardiono Handoko

Mini Sugar Plant Consultant