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About Us

Sapta Hardi Manunggal, CV, was established on February 2004 in Tulungagung Regency of East Java, Indonesia. Our former core business are General Marketing and Supplier Sector. To develop its customer relationship and business networks, we perform our service with a value to give them more profit, safety and satisfaction. We expand our partnership with many local corporations simultaneously to gain more potential opportunity and increase our ability to compete in this recent global competition. In this last five years, we concern on agro-industry business base with the principle of Mini Sugar Plant ( Pabrik Gula Mini ) Distribution to Sugar Farmers, local goverment and sugar entrepreneur to Increase and stimulating the growth of Local Sugar Productions in Indonesia.

We have several business sector based on our competency and personal management skills. On that aspect, we specialize our main sector in some division below:

1.       General Contractor

2.       Project Consultant

3.       Mini Sugar Plant ( Pabrik Gula Mini )

Each Division has been managed and handled by experienced personal management to get a proper improvement and project handling system, in this aspect the project plan will be threated accordingly to get the goals.

We begin to develop our project division on the early year of  2005 in some business field like Mini Sugar Plant Distribution in Jawa Timur Province. Those division are managed and supported by a skilled personel to gain the more value and profit to Increase the company financial cycle. The business divisions will be support each other and collaborate in a standard professionalism basic. The connectivity among divisions make us more stronger and solid, because of we stand as a teamwork.

We are most welcome to cooperate with any related corporation to serve our value and competencies as our effort to increase the business network and project sustainability.


Be a dominant on the Mini Sugar Plant business with the priority on quality service and performance, through personels and network ability to give more profit and mutual relationship between corporation, stake holder and third parties involved. 

Business Address :

Jl. P. Diponegoro II/83 Tulungagung, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 66217.

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